Who’s Kiki? What’s she figuring out?

Have you ever dropped out of high school? Been diagnosed with a chronic illness? Experienced dissociation at work? For every single time you would have killed to have a How-To Guide in weird, sticky, exciting, and terrible early-adulthood situations, I’m here to write a blog post. Think Buzzfeed-type bulletin articles for situations like “Breaking Free From that Weird Cult You Totally Have Been in For 18 Years”, “How to Hold a Twenty Minute Phone Conversation With a Client While They Tell You About their Dead Brother”, and “How to Handle a Panic Attack in Your Boyfriend’s Bedroom”. I’ll try and add cute gifs, if that helps.

My name is Kiki, I’m 21, and I’m figuring it out. When I was three months into the 11th grade, I dropped out of high-school. Life got shitty, fast. I’ve since graduated, began college, learned to drive, bought a car (well, technically two. more on that later), work a full time job and get paid to run social media for a few companies. None of these things seemed possible in my bed-ridden state of despair after leaving the traditional path (graduate, go to college, fall in love, get a job, make money, make babies, stay happy). I want to share what I’ve learned, and what I’m continuing to learn, so that other people who are figuring it out have better resources.

Happy reading, I hope you find what you need.




Kiki (Figuring it out).